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An Engine, Two Wheels, and a Handlebar

May 27, 2015 | By Chelsea Nicole Taylor | Photography: Nick Nakahara

What once started in a parking lot has become hands down the best super moto experience that Southern California has to offer.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary this past spring, SoCal Supermoto raises dust at several SoCal tracks including Apex in Perris, Grange in Apple Valley, and Adam's Motorsports Park in Riverside.

But it is owner Brian Murray’s pure passion for all things motorcycle and his teaching skills as an instructor which propelled the company from a hobby, teaching friends, to the full on track experience it is today.

Brian’s brain is geared for two things: riding motorbikes and helping you become the best rider you can be. That’s why the classes are kept small, ranging from nine to 12 riders to ensure quality time and attention for each student.

My memorable day at SCSM started at Adams Motorsports Park. The track was easy to find and the registration was painless when I arrived. Being my first track day, I was unsure of what to expect and felt a little intimidated. Brian, being the natural mentor that he is, immediately gave me the confidence I needed to accomplish my riding goals for the day with more than a few useful tips out of the starting gate.

There are classroom gatherings at the beginning, and throughout the day, where Brian covers a vast selection of material, from promoting all aspects of safety and track etiquette, to recommended corrections while riding, all the while providing more track time than you can probably handle.

Every time the session ended and after the classroom segment was over, I felt eager to get back out there because I was constantly learning. I wanted to try new things and apply Brian’s advice. I saw a few crashes, but never once did I see anyone give up. They would stand up the bike, hop on, and get back onto the track as soon as there was a safe opening. It's funny how you never get sick of going around in circles.

Through these track days, SoCal Supermoto teaches you the basic techniques of riding super moto, introducing new riders to the style, improving riding skills, and making the entire process fun, of course. Man or woman, young or old will both benefit from and enjoy the entire day.

That said, you must be at least 18 years old and have some form of riding ability – dirt or street -- to be accepted. SCSM just wants to make sure you are aware of how to confidently operate a motorcycle, and they’ve got you covered on the rest.

Your track day includes track fees, the bike, riding and technique training, professional photos, and a tee shirt or hat. And yes, I said the bikes are included! The majority of them are Suzuki DR-Zs with track preparations and mild performance mods. These nimble four strokes will assist you through the chicanes, leading to the dirty tabletops. The first half of the day is held on asphalt only, while the second half incorporates the dirt section of the track.

I believe it is very important for all riders to sporadically change the familiar elements that surround them. Go ride different bikes, try that new canyon or trail, and attempt different styles of riding. Pushing your limits in a safe and controlled environment is a must, not to mention a blast! I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to take their riding skill to a new and higher level.

Available track days are listed on the SCSM website where you can also sign up for these fantastic days of riding and forever alter everything you thought you knew about motorcycling ... without making a painful dent in your bank account. Group discounts start at $199 per rider while individual rates are priced at $239.

I can think of my 10 reasons to do a SoCal Supermoto track day and so can SCSM. (see sidebar ... No. 6 is my favorite). Don't hesitate, because like Brian says, "It's just an engine, two wheels, and a handlebar."

SCSM will give you the most intimate motorcycle training that money can buy.

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