Tink's passion is motorcycles; his hobby is photography. Now retired from the daily grind of the corporate life, he has ample time to enjoy both year round in SoCal, as a transplant from the Pacific NorthWest and his home town of Seattle. An accomplished mechanic in his own right, Tink appreciates the finer details of every bike he photographs. Whether it be a rat bike, concours, or something in between, he honors the craftsmanship each owner has put into their build. Tink still prefers to shoot black & white film, a lost art in this day of all things digital. “Digital photography, while convenient, still does not yield the same feel and texture of film photography,” he says. Tink maintains a website of his motorcycle photography for others to enjoy and is more than often found at moto events throughout LA, Nikon SLR in hand.    

(Ilford XP2 C41 B&W film at ISO320 | Nikon F5 | Nikkor 35-70mm f2.8)