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Chains 'n' Sprockets ... New Beginnings

July 7, 2016 | By Rahoul Ghose

The only constant in life is change ... and summer sees a new chapter in LA Motorcyclist's Tech Column, Chains 'n' Sprockets. Taking over the writing duties is Moto Republic's Jeff King, who will be providing monthly articles on a variety of bike maintenance and inspection topics.

We are thankful to have had Moto Classic Garage's Bob Gregor as our first regular columnist and will be archiving his columns for continued reference.

You may remember King from a past LA Moto profile which appeared just after the opening of his Los Angeles- based shop in January. (Moto Republic: NE LA gets its own Community DIY Motorcycle Shop)

A veteran of the powersports industry and a motorcycle aficionado in his own right, King has -- for more than a decade -- pursued a long-time dream to create a place where enthusiasts can work on their own bikes in a professional setting with access to tools and equipment.

King's Moto Republic concept offers the Eagle Rock area a complete, all-inclusive motorcycle shop with parts and service as well as a much needed do-It-yourself component ... The aim? ... building a community hub for moto enthusiasts of all skill levels. The shop itself offers numerous opportunities for rider education with regular monthly do-it-yourself courses. King's columns will also help the riding public to learn a little more about their machines.

First on King's agenda this month is an article on maintaining and inspecting the heath of your bike's charging systems:

"We all know that it pays to keep up on the basic maintenance of our motorcycles. Conducting pre-ride safety inspections, checking oil and coolant levels, adjusting the chain, inspecting our brakes and tires for wear… but when is the last time you checked the health of your charging system?

OK, I know it can be a little intimidating poking around your bike’s electrical system, but keeping tabs on the health of your motorcycle’s charging system is easily accomplished with just a basic understanding of the system’s components, their role in the overall health of your motorcycle, and only one specialized tool every motorcyclist should have anyway… a $20 voltmeter. Checking on the health of you charging system should be in every rider’s skillset.

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DISCLAIMER: The methods in this article are guidelines, provided and performed by a trained mechanic. If you are not comfortable performing routine maintenance on your bike, it is recommended you get a trained mechanic to complete these and more difficult tasks on your bike.



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